Skype Live Translator preview

English-Spanish, now up and running. Kids having fun with it.

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Seems to be working well for the children! Huge potential. But language learning is much more fun :slight_smile:

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Very nice idea,thanks for the link.

Yes, I accord that learning language is more interesting but I think that this option give you big advantage.
You can hear your own thought but in another language, and after some time just listening you will turn off that option and you will have wish to try. Nice Idea!

This was similar to my thinking as well. Start off each English or Spanish class like this. Get them interested and seeing the benefits of interacting with different languages and cultures. Then take the transcript (you can see skype automatically giving the speech to text transcript) and recording of the conversation, import it and do some lingq’ing after :slight_smile:

Has anyone tried it? is it as accurate as it seems?

Hello senhora Fernanda,

I registered myself but for now this is demo version. So for now they have just English-Spanish translate and they do it progressively. I received mail that they will inform me when I will be able to use it.

Best greetings!


Hi Vladimir!
Just Fernanda, please!
I read it only works with windows 8, is that right?
Keep us informed when you test it.

Ok, I will!

I had option to choose what system I use, so I am sure it is not just for Windows 8 but for now it’s just demo version. I received mail when they told me that they have plan to release original version until end of year. Now I wait for them message that I can use Skype Translator.

Has anyone used this a lot? is it?