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Somos una Escuela de Español en Huelva (España, entre Sevilla y Portugal). Te ofrecemos conversaciones gratuitas con profesores nativos por el Skype de lunes a viernes de 8:00 a 11:30 (hora española). También te resolvemos tus dudas a través de este foro. Si te interesa, contáctanos a través de este foro y nos ponemos de acuerdo para quedar a una hora determinada.

We are a Spanish School in Huelva (Spain, between Seville and Portugal). We offer you free conversations with native teachers in Skype from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 11:30 (Spanish hour). We also can work out your doubts throughout this forum. If you are interested, please contact us through this forum to set an hour.

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Hi spanish Heaven im interested to join the conversation im in the philippines …

Hello vizcero,
It is very nice to meet you.

Hello vizcero,
It is very nice to meet you. Our Skype is spanishheaven. According to your time zone, we can speak from 14:00 to 17:30 hours. You just say me the day and the hour. Hope to speak to you soon!!! :)))

SpanishHeaven, It is very nice that you are interested in LingQ. There are certain unwritten rules here.

We do not welcome direct commercial promotion here. If you can create lessons for our library, consisting of audio and text, that gives you an opportunity to link back to your school and even provide some information about your school. In other words, you provide something of value to our community and are able to publicize your school. You can also offer online discussions via the LingQ system and make our members aware of your school that way. In either case it is a matter of give and take.

It is common for our members to contact each other to have discussions via skype, but again these are personal arrangements and not promotions of a school or similar service.

So please desist from direct promotional activities here and see if it makes sense for you to participate in our community along the lines of what I described in the second paragraph. I still look forward to visiting your school in October.

Hello Steve,
I am sorry, I didn’t mean to promote in any way the company. We have two lessons already done to upload, but there is a need of audio to upload any lesson. So it will take a little time for us to make an audio, that’s why we didn’t upload anything yet. Sorry, I didn’t think that Skype conversations to help students to learn and solve their doubts was any kind of promotion.We just had the propose to help, nothing more. We just thought it was a good way to help students to get some fluency. If you want to, I can erase the post. It’s no problem for us.
Sorry again.
And we also would like to meet you in October.

We think that your page is great and gives students a lot of opportunities and materials to learn a language in an effective way. We just didn’t know that this post could be bothering somebody. Sorry. :)))

We look forward to seeing your content in the library. Thanks.

You just say me the day and the hour. Hope to speak to you soon!!! :)))

Hello,Iam studying spanish now, I hope yo can help me

im studing spanish