Skype contact requests

From time to time I get some more contact requests on Skype. Flattered as I am, I can’t talk to more people than I already have on my lists. When I respond by blocking the request, it is nothing personal! Please forgive me if I have had to turn your request down.

How do you cope with too many speaking partners?

In fact I skype with my podcast production LingQ-ers Silvia and Evgueny and with a handful of people I know from You Tube and Facebook. They never become so many that I can’t manage it anymore. If I don’t want to skype with somebody, I would explain politely that I already have enough Skype contacts. There is no reason to block somebody only because he / she has made a request.


Thanks, Fasulye. I have now managed to unblock the last person and sent him an explanatory message. Hope that that has worked.

I, too, send explanatory notes when I am too busy to speak with someone who contacts me on Skype. However, I stay “Invisible” most of the time, and I’ve never had a problem managing my contacts. My reason for using “Invisible” is not because I don’t want to talk to my contacts. It’s because I don’t feel comfortable speaking without some preparation at this point in my language learning. Either I or a Skype contact will send a short Skype text message asking about a good time to speak. We usually decide on the time and topic beforehand. Sometimes this is just an hour, and sometimes it is a week or two. I try to be flexible, and I’ve found my contacts are also flexible. If something comes up that interferes with a scheduled conversation, we leave a message and reschedule.

Hi there! Could you help me? I wanna find some friends for practice my English in Skype with knowledge in economy area. How I can to solve this problem?

Alex: I’m sorry I can’t help because I know very little about economics or the economy. I also was not an English teacher so I don’t want to teach or lead discussions with Skype. You may want to start a new thread in one of the English forums. You may get more responses with a new thread. I don’t know which forum would be the best. Perhaps someone else will have suggestions. Good luck!

thanks, defrno)

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I add everyone that sends a request, but if they ask, I let them know I’m too busy. I had one person who refused to understand and kept saying “please, please.” They even tried to add me on a group call. When I realized that were not going to listen, I simply stopped replying. I was very tempted to block them, but I don’t like to do that; and I don’t like to simply ignore people, either, but that seemed to be the worst of two evils to me.

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