Skillnaden mellan "kommer" och "ska"

Kan någon berätta för mig vad är skillnaden mellan “kommer” och “ska”?

t.ex. “Din bror kommer att berätta det om han vill göra det”

Varför inte “Din bror ska berätta…”?


I don’t know if this is going to help, but I think it’s similar to “going to” and “will” in English. Here are a couple of resources that you may find useful:


Note however, that in English “will” is more common than “going to,” whereas in Swedish “kommer att” is more prevalent (or, indeed, just simple present, as in “jag tittar på tv imorgon kväll”).

Ahh tack så mycket! Det här hjälper en massa!

I can confirm that Astamoore’s links have the correct information.

‘ska’ does indeed imply intention, while ‘kommer att’ is more general and objective.

There are cases where both work with roughly the same meaning, other cases where each has a different meaning, and then some cases where just one of them will do.