Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena Now On Lingq

Brian Dunning from the podcast Skeptoid has allowed us to use his podcast in his library.
I find this awesome because his podcasts are spoken in clear, fairly slow English. They’re thoughtful and always interesting.

I uploaded a grand total of one so far. But check it out. Let me know what you think. Tell me if you have a better way to word all the disclaimers because they seem a bit silly now.


I am not a learner, but the quality of the sound, the pleasant voice, the clear diction and the interest of the content make this seem excellent content. Thank you.

I am busy uploading some more now.

Indeed, it is my favorite podcast. It’s fun to upload them since I get an excuse to sit here and listen to a bunch of the old ones over again for a Skeptoid marathon.

Thank you. It sounds interesting. I’ll have a look at this collection soon.

Could you please retell us something interesting from it, to get an idea.

Ilya_L I had a look at their categories, and it seems like a good collection and I may listen to something (I have heard of this site before but never really stayed for long)- they discuss the general topics where gullible/non skeptical people (or those that haven’t done much research on it) can be mislead- like cryptozoology, conspiracies, the paranormal, religion, and other myths that some people fall prey to.

Ilya_L - I don’t know exactly what you mean (sorry) but the podcast in general is about myths, half truths, pseudo-scientific ideas, and general nonsense in popular culture.

For example, the episode entitled “Rods: Flying Absurdities” goes over a supposed creature called a rod that people can see in their camera but are otherwise invisible to humans. Brian goes over the myth for people that haven’t heard of it and then suggests the natural explanation for it.

Other episodes which you can currently see at include questions from students and kids, examinations of supposed hauntings, an overview of businesses like Amway, and so forth.
I’ll upload more but today I only have somewhat sporadic computer access.

Thank you both very much for the explanations. There are so many links on the Internet that it is always great to have someone’s personal description of the site.

Thank you very much SolYViento for uploading the text and the audio! :slight_smile:

Oh, it’s no problem.
If you really like it, you could send an email to the site.

I don’t usually bother with stuff like that, but I’m sure it’d be nice.