Size of the wall

It would be nice if the size would be a bit greater.

That is something we can look at the next time we update the Profile page. How do others find it?

Yes, the wall could be greater.
The second point is that when I do a new line or new paragraph, the system delete it and all is written in a chunk.

I vote for the all suggestions that were introduced here:

  • a greater size of wall;
  • a greater textbox for the new message;
  • don’t cutting .
    Also at the thread where dooo suggests to use a video introduction, were mentioned that links does not work at the profile. I vote for adding this feature too :slight_smile:

When someone comments on my wall I get an email saying “click this link to reply”. This link takes me to my profile. But if I reply on MY wall, does the person who commented first get an email? I am not sure but I don’t think so.

So in order for my reply to be easily noticed, I have to click again to the profile of the original comment-maker, and reply on their wall.

The result is that often there are conversations which are difficult to follow because you have to click back and forth between the participants’ profiles and hunt for what seems to be the next reply.

I think having wall posts go up on both walls and perhaps threaded so that you can visually follow the comments would be nicer.

This is a very good suggestion!

These are all good suggestions and we will keep them for when we do future enhancements. Nothing is likely to happen soon, however, so be patient. We have to move on to other things at the moment.