Site randomly adding words to my "known words" list


I decided to give LingQ a shot about a fortnight ago and to say it’s been frustrating is an understatement.

On my first lesson (Korean) it added ALL the words to my “known words” list despite the fact that I don’t know a single one of them.

I searched the forums to see how to remove them and the advice seems to be simply highlight the words and they go back to being blue and off the “known words” list.

This didn’t work.

So instead I removed the language all together and restarted.

It has now added all the words from the first lesson to my “known words” list once again – and, no, I didn’t click on a single one of them.

Can anybody suggest what might be going on here?

maybe your app is set to recognize a word as known when you turn pages. if that’s the case all the words in blue in a single page will be turned known as soon as you turn pages.

Thank you very much erictolu – this was indeed the problem! All sorted now!

Now I just need to work out how to get words out of my “known words” list (simply highlighting them doesn’t seem to do the trick)


Here are a couple of ways to do this. You have 62 known words and zero lingQs, so it should not be too bad.
Option 1. You could reset and start over in Settings>> App Settings >> Languages This will set all of your words to blue words, but you can choose to start over with a fresh slate.
Option 2. You can go to Lessons >> Vocabulary >>All and all of your lingQs and know words will be there. There may be multiple pages, in your case you can set the words per page to 100 and all of your vocab should show. All of the words on that list have a few circles to the right with numbers in them. Those circles represent the “status” of each word. If they are marked 4 or 5, they are considered known. You can reset them all to 1 either one-by-one or by selecting all and doing Status -1 from the More Actions menu a few times.

Also, you can change the setting for making blue word known when you turn the page in the settings.

I may be misunderstanding your meaning, but you mentioned you could not change the status of words by highlighting them. Highlighting alone does not change them, but when you are using the LingQ reader you can change the status of each word when you highlight. The status is shown in the same frame/popup that the definitions are. For known words added by paging it will look like a green checkmark (status =5). You should be able to change that directly to any status you please. You’ll want to do this for words you don’t know as you read them. It looks like you haven’t done this yet, so if your not familiar with what I mean, I’d suggest checking out a video tutorial for LingQ.


@zoran Prompting the user as to select whether or not to make blue word known when you turn the page would be a nice feature to make the user experience for newbies more friendly.

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