Site doesn't work anymore without a vpn

At some point the site stopped working without a vpn. Sometimes it allows to enter, but most often it just never loads. I suspect that the problem may be related to request-filtering on your (or cdn’s) side, maybe you are marking requests from Russia (where I am located) as spam or something. I wrote you via email, but haven’t recieved any response. As far as I know, neither you domain nor your IPs are blocked by the russian internet censorship.


Last week I have the same problem like also with Quora.
I don’t know who tries to ban this peaceful laanguage site - the Russian censorship or maybe Canadian new restrictions .
But I am able to enter Lingq using Vpn or just through this page - the forum of Lingq. Just keep this forum page in your computer.


It is not Russian censorship, I checked in Roskomnadzor Blocklist.
Probably LingQ does not want Russians to use their website anymore, because Russians can’t pay them anymore unless they have a foreign payment card. Or it could be their political decision.

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It’s not related to us, we haven’t done anything to prevent Russian users from using LingQ of course. For some reason, LingQ stopped working in Russia properly a few months ago, seems like we ended up on a blacklist for some reason.


I also doubt that Lingq is responsible for bad connedction this link with Russia.
I’ve paid for Lingq service up to december so the payment problems aren’t of the question foe me.
Maybe there isn’t Lingq in the Blocklist of Roskomnadzor but you know well if you’re born in Russia that some officials of the middle level are always ready to show that they are more patriotic than Putin and ready to ban all sites in English.
For example, I’ve signed up for Quora in English and in German. They send me many interesting articles in English and German. I can open all articles in Germaan even if they write that Putin is ‘an idiot’. But I can’t open last month the English articles from Quora even they tell about culture or history.


@zoran, seems incredibly unlikely that you are on the RKN’s blacklist (RKN is the autority responsible for internet censorship in Russia). Since, as have been already mentioned, your site DOES work when the forum tab is open in the browser. That is never the case with sites blocked by the RKN. To me this feels like some kind of misconfigured policy setting on the cdn’s or load-balancer’s side (if you are using any). Also there is a digital-rights organization that is tracking addition of resources to the RKN’s blacklist, and according to it, none of the lingq’s domains are blocked.



Cdns that provide detection and blocking of automated requests (like ddos protection, antibot protection), often have region-based policies (because of differences in patterns of internet traffic accross the world). I am speculating here, but to me it seems that the system unintentionally filters out requests from Russia as bad actors, but whenever it sees the presence of already established connections to the ‘forum’ sub-domain, it decides that requests are good and permits them.

A similar-ish thing is indeed possible on the RKN’s side, but is highly unlikely, since there were no cases like this to my knowledge.

I am not an expert in this domain, I might be totally wrong. But I think you might be able to fix it on your side, even if the problem turns out to not be on your side.