Site different to the promotional videos

Hi, i have recently signed up to the site and have found that the site is completely different to the videos that i watched that enticed me to join up… This now means that i am confused as to how to really use the site to its full potential… I will figure it out eventually i am sure, just wanted to point it out though to someone.

Also, not quite sure how to aswer the dictation questions… do i answer the japanese diction in romaji…? nope… wrong answer… do i answer what it is in english…? nope… wrojng answer… do i answer in japanese (japanese keyboard)…? nope won’t input… how do i answer…??? HELP PLEASE

The site changes much more rapidly than the help videos. It seems to be too much work to recreate all the videos after site relaunches. The dictation questions are from the lessons you worked on. So you should know what you are expected to write down…

Personally, I don’t use the dictation and I don’t think it is an important part of the website. The website is a confusing place at the beginning, but trust me, if you keep using it, you will soon think that it is easy and natural. Post any questions here if you are confused.