Single sentence mode "Translate Sentence" button not working in app

In single sentence mode, pressing the Translate Sentence button is not working in the Android app for me. These seems to have started in the last update. When I click it there is no action, it just remains “Translate Sentence”.

I tried clearing cache and data as well as reinstalling and that didn’t fix the issue.

I’m on Android 10 (Google pixel 3a). It was working for me prior to this and I use it all the time when in single sentence mode.

A second issue I’m continuing to have is that in any lesson I go into on the app, if I’ve already “Completed”, it shows a bit of white space in the progress bar at the top. If I click through to the end it has the “Complete Lesson” button available again as if I had never done it. If I click Complete, the green progress bar goes to the end and it visually looks complete, but if I go back in it will again show the incomplete task bar and offer the Complete Lesson again. On the website the lessons are “complete”. Again, I’ve cleared/cache data multiple times as well as reinstalled the app a couple of times. This first showed up prior to the last update.

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We are familiar with the sentence translation button issue. I reported it to our android developers and it will be fixed after next app update.
I’ll check that other issue too and report it.


Thanks Zoran!

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Eric, as far as I know, the second question is just a visual problem, because when you finish a lesson, it really ends. You can verify this by referring to the lesson information. There you will see how many times you have read it.
When you finish a lesson, the “Reading” increases even though, inside the lesson, it could still show that it is incomplete.
If you keep “completing” the lesson, your “Reading” will increase many times.

That’s correct Marcos. It appears to be a visual bug mostly, but the “Complete button” is also something that in the past only would appear until you click it. When you go back into the lesson the green progress bar would be full, and if you swiped all the way through, the complete button would no longer show up.

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