Simultaneous page and sentence view

I really like the functionality of the sentence view for my current level of the language I’m studying. I like the ability to get a translation of a sentence when it’s especially puzzling, see the list of yellow words under the sentence, ability to switch to editing mode when I notice a typo/mis-OCR.

But I would also like to see the sentence in its context: so I can look back to the previous sentences to recall what my current sentence refers to and also to track how far along a “page” I am, because once I figured out a page of text I like to reread it as a whole, maybe a couple of time. This is also when I often adjust the points of some yellow words to 2 or 3.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a three column reader with a page of text to the left, a sentence in the middle and a lingq to the right?


It’s an interesting idea. You can toggle back and forth easily, but it’s easy to be “lost” when flipping back to full view. On the web this could probably work, but I think the apps would be lacking room to do this effectively on a phone.

Yep, I meant the web. I agree, the phone and probably even an average tablet would be too small.

Thanks for your feedback and interesting suggestion. We’ll see if that’s something we can implement in the future.