Simplify importing to the library

It may encourage a lot of people to add to the libraries if they could just go to import page, click a record button, talk, and then write the transcript right there in the same interface, click submit, and be done with it. This would mean those who don’t know how to use Audacity or know about bitrate etc might import more.

Tech savvy people do not need it. Just an idea.

I agree.

I think it is not just an idea, it’s a great idea. If it were feasible, wow! Audacity is a book with seven seals for me…

The problem is that the sound quality of a built in recording tool would not be very good. Audacity or other recording tools on your own computer take some work to understand but give much better sound quality.

First I thought it is a nice idea. But I understand Mark. And I think the to-do-list contains more important other things.

I did a lot of audios for LingQ. I think I’m an experienced user. At the beginning I had no idea how Audacity works but there are a lot of different sources that you can use: tutorials, videos etc. It is not difficult to user. The explanations in the LingQ FAQ helped me to understand what I have to do.

I would always prefer to use Audacity or another Audio-Editing program because there is often a need for a work over. At the beginning I stopped when I forgot a word or mispronounced a word. After a while I figured out that I should continue and eliminate all errors after the recording. Now I’m able to record very quickly, because I don’t have to start again from the beginning.

Maybe in the future an lingq/audacity plugin would be feasible to make it easier for other users…