Simple stories in italian

Salve.Can you guys recommend me some interesting simple stories,podcasts or audiobooks in Italian?I started to learn Italian from scratch on Lingq,so I need some interesting content on this language.Can you help me?Maybe some articles on other sites or here on Lingq?Grazie.

friend, when you are starting a lenguage, i think that’s hard find interesting content… u need learn whith simple lecions

I would suggest you use the levels Beginner 1 through Advanced 2, and use the shelves, “podcasts” “audio books” to find something at your level and of interest to you. Other members may have other suggestions.

I particularly like the Pinocchio done by Il Narratore, in our paid lessons section. Well worth it.

Although I haven’t read it, “Cuore” is supposed to be a very good book, it is available in its entirety in the library.

There is also a collection of children’s stories in the library (complete with illustrated movies!) here BookBox children stories with VIDEO - LingQ Language Library

Regardless of the level (beginner 1, 2 whatever) I would recommend short lessons, no longer than 3 minutes. I think that way is easier to create lingqs and add new known words for someone who’s learning from scratch without being interrupted or lose interest in the middle of a 10-15 minutes lesson with still a lot of blue words. In that sense I find quite suitable and interesting the collection “I colori: il loro significato e la loro connotazione culturale”.

“Cuore” IS a GREAT book, Dominick! I wonder why you still haven’t read it! :slight_smile:

Maxim, I have shared some more audiobooks in Italian. You can find them in the library or directly on my profile page. I have also shared some radio podcasts and I regularly write new lessons myself. I have made a few lessons for beginners and a revamped translation of the “Who is She?” series.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask me,


Thank you guys)
‘Beginner 1 through Advanced 2’
What you mean?


You can choose the level of difficulty of the items in the library. You can do this on the top Shelf on the left hand side. You can also do this in the Advanced Search view of the library where there are other search criteria that you can use.

Thank you for the explanation Steve=)

все доброго!

When I start to learn any language here, I start in the intermediate level because have more interesting content.


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