Silver Status Yay!

My current activity score for Italian is now over 2000! I guess 5000 is next :slight_smile:
I’ve started reading The Linguist in Italian using LingQ so I expect my activity score to skyrocket. The same should go for my vocabulary :slight_smile:

Have a great day everyone,



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Hı i am rafet form in Turkey i want to speak English i known a little English you understand me

Dzięki :slight_smile:



Mate, I would like to know my status too, I have no ideia how to check it

Congrats! Very impressive!

Hi Lucas,
If you look at your avatar, you’ll notice an apple above him. The apple changes based on your progress and activity.

You can also see it next to your name here on the forum when commenting or posting.

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I feel like that golden one would be more impressive :slight_smile: That’s what I’m aiming for!

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In my case, there is a green apple with a sort of earthworm coming out of, I believe this is not a good thing, right? LOL



Haha it’s definitely better than not having an apple at all :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel sorry for those who are color blind.

Too bad you can’t eat a silver apple. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job! Shoot for that gold apple!

I finally got it too.

I kind of rushed through a text because I wanted to get to intermediate 1 and only needed 30 more words. Funny how meaningless targets can make learning more fun.

Time to go look at it more carefully . . .