Signing a discussion


Until how long before a discussion begins can you sign up?

Have you tried? I think you can sign up at the last minute but I am not sure. Just try.

I think you can sign up until the last minute. But you can’t cancel less than 24 hours before a discussion.

Hi yukiko,
I thought a conversation offer disappear when the time for sing is over.

When that isn’t the case it can be possible that is possible a short time before.
The best will be to ask the tutor with whom you are interested to speak.

There was a discussion I wanted to join that was no longer displayed about 30 minutes before it began.It was there about 10 hours before and there were participants.So I imagine the discussion was held.
In any case,I guess I should ask a tutor directly whether I can join or not by sending a message on Skype or on the “Wall” function.

This might be a technical issue to do with you time zone settings. A Japanese learner had the same problem with me so I asked them to reset their time zone in the “Settings” to my time zone. Then he could see my discussion and sign up for it. After he just reset his time zone to Japan time.

There are some issues with the conversations list. We are reworking this list right now so we hope to have these issues resolved in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can always try and contact a tutor through Skype or his wall if you know he is having a discussion but you can’t see it. Then, we can manually adjust your points afterwards.

And what about one-on-one speaking?
When do they disappear from the scheduling page before the event should take hold?

Sorry, I think it should have been:
How long before the one-on-one speaking should take place, it disappear from the scheduled page?

The 1 on 1’s should stay until 12 hours ahead of the start time, I believe. This gives the tutor’s time to plan their schedules.

I didn’t realise the one-on-ones disappear 12 hours before the start time. That makes a lot of sense! Every day I manually delete the free one-on-ones for that day, so that no-one can sign up at the last minute after I’ve gone shopping. But really it makes more sense for LingQ to do that automatically.

Sometimes a tutor has to cancel a group discussion, even if people have already signed up, if they have a domestic crisis that day. Usually if that happens we send an e-mail to each person who signed up to explain the circumstances. Of course we can’t know about people who were interested but who hadn’t signed up yet.

And sometimes there is a bug in LingQ which stops students from signing up for sessions that tutors are ready and willing to host! In that case you could e-mail or “wall” the tutor directly, arrange the lesson, and then organise how you pay for it.

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