Signed up for a conversation which disappeared

Hi Mark,

I signed up a few days ago for a group conversation with Cécile in French for today (Wed. Jan 6) at 12:30, EST. I got the confirmation by email dated Jan. 1. I saw this morning before the conversation that I wasn’t signed up for any conversations. I had Skype turned on well in advance, but was not contacted. I sent a note to Cécile, but didn’t hear back from her. Was the conversation canceled? Were points deducted from me for this?
Thanks. Michael

mm sometimes tutors cancel conversation because of personal reasons. points (I think) are deducted only in the situation where the conversation is not canceled but the tutor doesn’t show up (or indeed during a normal discussion)

Hi Michael, There is a note from Cecile on your Wall. Did you read it? The email system of LingQ seems not to work today.

Hi Michal,
I sent you my apologize on your wall 12 hours ago. In that message on your wall I suggest you to tell me when you want to do this conversation we couldn’t do today. Didn’t see it? Just check your wall and tell me.