Showing unarchhived lessons only in the course?

I’m wandering if it’s possible to view only unarchived lessons in the course. Some courses have more than 200 lessons and I find it quite annoying to go through pages with archived lessons just to find the lesson I want to read. I’ve tried clicking on the “show new” in the filter, but nothing happened. Any idea?

@kigoik - I’m not sure I quite understand. Would you be able to let us know which page you are on and how you are accessing the course?

I put this question for a long time as well.
I can’t understand why some lessons go to the archive right away even if I continue to use them?
And after that it’s very difficult to find them - I have to look at many of my previous pages to find the ‘traces’ of these lessons, open them, go to the entire ‘course’ and only from the course I can find the necessary lesson.
It’s possible, but it takes a huge time!..
Moreover, it happens often with my own lessons, even if I start the new collection less than 3 months ago and even I add every month 1-2 new lerssons to the collection.
For example, I started a new Russian collection Разговорные темы (Topics in embedded lessons) only since the 12 of November 2013, but when I added lessons 11-15 to this collection on the 5 January 2014 (only 2 month after the starting!)I discovered that only the lesson 11 appears in ‘imported lessons’ page although they are in the course. Why have the lessons 12-15 become ‘invisible’???
I can’t explain it!

I recognized Evgueny’s problem too (3 or 4 months ago). Some of my daughter’s private lessons dissappeared from “My lessons” but she has never studied them. I import lessons for her that she should study. Now these lessons are missing in the pool. I was only able to find them in the course. They were not archived but they weren’t shown too.

O.K. This is how I usually work on LingQ. If I find an interesting course, I tend to go through all lessons in the course. After I’ve done a lesson, I just archived it and find another lesson to read. In this case, I am used to find the topic of my interest, so I prefer choosing “open course” and finding the lesson I want instead of just clicking on the “Open next lesson in course”.

The link shows the example I’m talking about. The course “Interesting Thing of the Day” has 396 lessons and 10+ pages. When I click on “open course”, all archived lessons are piled up to the front except the one I’m currently reading. Because all the archived lessons are piled up to the front, it’s annoying to find the new lesson I want that I have to go through these archived lessons by clicking next page, next page, next page …

BTW, the problem @evgueny40 mentioned also occurred to me before, but it seems to work fine right now.

@kigoik - Thanks, we’ll do some more testing here and see what we can find out.

@evgueny40, VeraI - Sorry to hear that you’re still having issues with this. These types of issues are very difficult to track down, as we don’t really know what specific behaviour might cause this to happen. Do you have any idea when the lessons seem to disappear? Is it immediately for some, or does it happen over a period of time? Can you search for the individual lessons, or do they also not show in the search results?

@Alex: When I come across it the next time or I’ve any idea I’ll let you know. The problem is that in my own account I’ll problably not recognize it because there are so many lessons. But there is the chance that I’ll notice it on my daughter’s account.

@Alex: There are again problems on my daughter’s account.

The problem is on the My Lessons page: Login - LingQ
From a course are only 2 lessons shown. But in the course there are still about 10 not archived lessons!

This is very annoying because my daughter is used to work on the lessons that I upload for her, and to archive them when she has worked on them. Now we have no control what she has done and what she hasn’t done!

I sent you an email with a link to the course (private course).

@VeraI - I’ve responded to your email, so we can follow up there :slight_smile: