Showing beginner lessons when I am advanced

When I click on the lessons button and I am taken to the lessons library page where it shows a list of suggested lessons, it has at the top beginner lessons when I have selected advanced using the level slide bar thingy. There appears to be no way to remove these lessons from this suggested list? I would like to open this page and have it only show me advanced lessons based on my interests which I have selected on the other page. Is this not possible? thanks

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Hi Stephen,
Those are actually pinned lessons and they do always appear on the top, until you complete them. Have you completed them so far? Or you never actually opened and aren’t interested in Beginner lessons at all?

Could you make that at least optional? When I started French and Spanish on here, I had been learning them for many years already, so I didn’t even do those lessons. Some of them even don’t have any yellow or blue words in them, yet they block the view.

Why would I be interested in beginner lessons when I am advanced?

Thats what Im talking about! Its pretty annoying actually!

I think they go away if you just open the lesson and never actually complete it. It’ll just add it to your lessons page. Unfortunately there isn’t a way of effectively organising your lessons/courses page either so you’ll have to choose which one you find it least irritating in.

We get a lot of comments from users, most of whom are beginners, saying they can’t figure out where to start. While we try to explain that they should just choose anything they find interesting, they don’t always get this. So, we decided to pin a few lessons there to make sure they found these and could get started.
We will look at unpinning them for advanced users, but, in the meantime, just take them and they will stop appearing. If you don’t want them in My Lessons, just remove them after you have taken them. They should then stop showing as pinned.