Shower thought: Achieving more modularity in language learning

  1. What if LingQ allowed us to search lesson by word list?
    We could search for lessons by genre like Biology or more specifically like searching for content related to COViD-19 in your target language.

  2. What if LingQ could show us the list of unknown words of a lesson?
    We could use this list or probably part of the list to search for lessons using the search explained above.

Doing that, for example, I really want to be able to understand one of the Kurzgesagt videos in German, but it has 50% of unknown words at least, so if I had the two features above I could do 2-5 middle ground lessons and then watch the video.

What do you guys think?

Maybe this is possible using that opensource LingQ APIs…

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Interesting…I thought they already had #1. They do have a “search” on the lesson feed, but I typed in Covid and it brought up a lot of lessons/courses that didn’t actually have the term in it, so I’m not sure how that functions or what it’s supposed to do.

They also have tagging on lessons, but I’m not sure if there’s a way to search by tag.

Maybe someone knows how it all works (or if it doesn’t yet)

@zoran or @eric or someone lingQ dev Team

I was playing a little bit with the API and I can see the courses at:

With the API token, but

How can I see lessons content/text? It should be allowed, once I had to log in to get the Token and it should expire as well.