Show translation option in sentence view

I would like to know if there is a way to show the translation as default when using Sentence View. It is very frustrating having to press it every time. The whole point of sentence view, to me, is to narrow down on sentences and find out what they mean and to my mind the translation should be automatically shown by default, or at least settable to be automatically shown as default.


I don’t think it is. However, LingQ wouldn’t be able to win with this one. If it was always visible, that would irritate others (like me!). :smile:
I want to see if I can understand the sentence without the translation. I often read in sentence mode because it’s more manageable to review the lesson this way, especially if there are a lot of blue or yellow words. Once I understand the sentence though I generally don’t view the translation at all. If the translation was there all the time invariably my eyes would be drawn to the sentence in my native language first… I can’t speak for others but I know this would be really irritating for me!

Like I said, sometimes they’re in a lose lose situation. Can’t please everyone.

You’re right though, they could have a setting for this. But with all the other bugs in the system is this something that would interest enough people to be worth spending the (probably significant) time on?


Yes, I believe both this request and the request to automatically play the TTS when turning to each new sentence, have been made. I’m glad that sometimes they keep being asked by other members.

It would be nice to have the option in the settings to choose on both these behaviours.


I just started and I wish the translation was visible too. At the moment it is a huge turn off.

Also I wish that i could just read through the story without the add word screen popping up every time i scroll to the next page while the story just keeps going

I like to know whats going on. Either add the words to your vocabulary automatically or by clicking each word. Since there are no pictures in the stories, you can even translate the words without clicking on them anyway.

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The ‘add word’ screen actually is something you can turn off in settings. You can set it to either automatically make all the blue words known, or to ignore them and just leave them blue when you move to the next page.

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Yes it gets laborious having to keep opening the translation. The only people who need the sentence view are people that don’t know what it means. If we could just toggle it to always be visible, or only open on each request, it would be soooo great.