Show translation on apps

The browser has a really cool feature that translations, if present, can be shown in small font under the text. This is possible outside of sentence view. I find this feature really good and I even make a simple Python code to generate translations of each lesson using the LingQ API.

Unfortunately this feature is not available on the apps. Are there plans to add it to the Android and iOS apps?



I didn’t even know this feature was available on the browser.

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Or I do see a translation when I highlight a few words , that I could potentially make a Lingq— is that what you mean? But it doesn’t seem to be what you mean

It is not what I mean. I mean this

If there is at least one sentence in the lesson that has a translation available, you can display it on the browser by clicking on the three dots above the text and then on “show translation”. If you don’t see the option then there is no translation available. You can generate one for a sentence by clicking “show translation” in sentence mode. I wrote a Python script to do it for every sentence in a lesson so I could use these translations.

I might be misremembering but didn’t the LingQ 4 Apple apps have a similar feature? If so they just removed it a year ago…
Personally, I don’t think I would use this interlinear format very much, I would prefer if the translation could be shown in sentence mode, that is without having to tap the button all the time. A minimal version would just show an already existing translation, of course in an ideal world, any non-translated sentence would automatically be pushed to Google translate. In fact, the Apple apps already auto-translate sentences in the new “study sentence” mode, specifically the “translate sentence” task.
Also ideally users wouldn’t have to come up with their own python scripts, instead LingQ could implement a translation feature for complete lessons analogous to the existing generate TTS function.

I don’t use sentence mode myself other than if I am stuck on a sentence and want to see a Google translate attempt. It seems to be very popular with other users though so the option to have the sentence translation automatically shown in sentence mode would be great I think. I can’t see why it is not already that way, at least if the translation for the sentence is available. Whether a missing translation should be autogenerated is less obvious.

“Also ideally users wouldn’t have to come up with their own python scripts, instead LingQ could implement a translation feature for complete lessons analogous to the existing generate TTS function.”

Yes, I think that’s exactly how it should be. I think I remember discussing this with Zoran or Mark on the forum a while ago and I think they were still deciding if and how such a feature should work. Hopefully that functionality is added soon.

Even though the translations from Google translate are often wrong, especially for very short sentences, I found it to be really a game changer back when I was reading on my tablet PC. Since I have moved to an Android device I have not had this feature available and I really miss it.

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A useful tool to make instant translation, is the extension “ImTranslator”, from the Google Chrome browser. You select the text, select the icon and open the translation in Pop-up Buble windows. Sorry if you know, yet. Maybe is useful for someone.

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That’s interesting. Maybe I try it out for normal browsing of the internet. Is there any clear reason to use this with LingQ since one can already select text and get translations?

Yes. You can select only a short text in LingQ.

But you can select any text and translate using Google Translate.

See the Google Translate link on the right. I guess what you suggest might be faster since you don’t have to click the link itself.

Try that and see the difference. More easy and instantly.

That’s way too logical for me to have thought of myself. I just tried it and it is pretty cool on normal websites. However, it does not work for me on the LingQ reader page.

No, at the moment we don’t have in plans to add that feature to the app version.


I guess I’ll just have to learn to understand Russian.