Show only liked lessons

One this which is extremely frustrating about lingq is the mess of the dashboard, the fact that lessons get automatically added to ‘continue’

Is there a way to view only lessons/courses that I have liked. I really think the there should be two different pages; one to explore and find new content, and a second to show only liked content that you wish to learn.

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Create a Course called “Liked Lessons” and then just add to it the lessons that you liked. Or create whatever course names you want, and categorize the lessons accordingly. You can remove lessons if you don’t want them there any more. Also you can remove lessons from the “continue learning” section. And you can deselect categories not of interest to reduce the number of categories that show up on the page.

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Thanks, @WillowMeDown! This is a cool idea!

Especially for those of us who can’t like our private lessons without accidently sharing them to others.

Hi @swakefield,

I think this would be great feedback to share in the Support & Feedback Forum.

I recommend creating a post for the LingQ team to see.