Shouldn't it be "color"?

Shouldn’t it be “color”?

colour (brit.) = color (amer.)

In the UK it’s spelled colour, but in America the spelling is color.


Because I was curious about the accent of the speaker I opened this lesson.
Another issue with this lesson: the Dutch translation is horrible. I do not know who has added that translation, but it is not correct Dutch, and should be removed in my opinion.

In Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, the West Indies, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Canada … sorry I can’t remember the names of all the other one-time British colonies, the word is spelled ‘colour’. We also have ‘favour’, ‘practice’ as a noun, ‘practise’ as a verb, recognise, realise, synthesise, ‘aluminium’. Again, I can’t remember any more off-hand.

Everything is good explained.
However, you can find a lot of such versions with ‘ou’ in British English and ‘o’ (without ‘u’) in American English.
For example: harbour- harbor, rumour-rumor etc.


The reason being very simply to explain; the ones with ‘ou’ are spelled according to the French spelling rules! :wink:

I hate English…

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Strange as it may seem, but I DO understand you… It’s rather, I wouldn’t say I worship any language, as it’s sort of inapplicable category, as far as the language; the same’s true about the Russian language… It’s that it is both my native and working language, that’s why I use it…

I like a lot of things about English, such as the fact that in English we don’t randomly distribute nouns into meaningless categories that then annoyingly change a lot of the words around it in complex and arbitrary ways. However, the spelling system is just nonsense. Even though I would initially think the new system looks ugly and is a major pain in the ass, I do wish for a spelling reform. It will never happen though.

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That’s right! =)))

As for the categories of nouns distributed by three genders for no formal reason behind this, true that; even more so, when each of these three genders has a declention paradigm of its own, separate for singular and plural and causing the dependent words, no matter how distant they are from the main word in the sentence, to undergo various changes according to yet another separate paradigm! =))) Both the noun gender reference and declention type of the words in some word combinations very often becomes a subject of the scolar discussions, as far as the Russian language! :wink: Hence, even for the native speakers of Russian it’s not that easy to exactly observe these grammar rules! =))

As for the spelling system, it’s the most conservative aspect nearly in all languages, which is quite explicable; the spoken version of a language develops and changes much faster than its written version! =)) Besides, much depends upon the number of the words borrowed from other languages, and also upon the number of these languages! :wink:

Well put, ginkgo. For some reason I always get annoyed when it is portrayed as one half spells it this way, another half spells it that way. Very, very few countries spell it “color”, most (if not all) of these countries don’t have English as an official language.

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Pauler, I know that my question is not about the main topic, but I have to ask you:) How long have you a deal with english language?

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Hi ! =))) A very good question, indeed! =)))

In a word, rather long; my higher education being English-Russian-English translation, I strarted working on a regular basis back in 1992 ! =))

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“In a word, rather long”

That’s two words…


There’s exactly the same parenthetic phrase in Russian, ‘in one word’, normally followed by a long-drawn-out sentence! =))

It’s incredible, but I managed to exceed the direct meaning of this phrase by one word only! =))))))))

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Your way to expres your self in english language is outstanding:) That why I wanted to know how long it’s going to take me to get the same level as you have already:)

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But yours is none the worse, to tell the truth! =))) Teraz bardzo dobrze! :wink:

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I think I got it. Thank you very much!

Thank you so much! ><