Should my tutor answer my questions?

Should my tutor answer my questions in “Ask Your Tutor“Forum, if nobody else is answering?

Normally yes, your tutor may have been busy. Anyone can answer, even other learners. Now the Forum is open to anyone to answer. You can also answer Russian, or German, questions for me if you want.

By the way, are you still interested in hosting discussions in Russian at LingQ? Let’s talk some time.

I forgot to mention that I answered your question.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your help.

I know, my respond to you concerning “hosting” is overdue. I’d like to be a tutor, but I virtually don’t have enough time to do it really fine, having a fulltime and another additional job. Perhaps I will be able to do it at a later time when I’ll be having only one job.
But I would be delighted to speak with you any day from 20-22 German times as well as answer your questions. You are already in my Skype list.

Actually, your tutor should be answering all your questions since you are a Plus member. I am not sure why this didn’t happen. Tutors will not answer questions of Free and Basic members who must rely on other members for answers.

I am a Plus member. Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked this.