Should Lingq have a Leader board for each language?

I would like to see each individual language have a Leader Board that would allow people to be ranked based on their weekly activity.

Having something like this pushes me to work harder when I see other people on the Leader Board doing more than me.

There could be a Leader board for each language that has an option to see weekly activity and who is leading as well as a monthly and then an All Time option.

What do you guys think?


I think it’s a good idea, I do like a challenge.

I think this is an excellent idea!! The leader board should be situated on the homepage somewhere where everyone can easily see it. You could have a drop-down list according to each language and/or an overall leader board according to each person’s activity level.

All-time leader boards tend to become static very quickly as time passes, it becomes impossible for new people to rise above established members who have been adding to their score for years.

It also creates a disparity between premium and free members who don’t have access to using links. I’m not fully knowledgeable on how activity score is calculated but I’m sure it is a factor. The other issue is simply racing through content to achieve a higher score, I’m sure there is way to make it work but not so simple or beneficial as you might first think.


A Leader board with a weekly score would allow the score to go back to zero after every new week. Which would allow everyone a new start each week. Maybe some people would think “OKAY, its a new week. Let’s see how much time I can spend with my target language this week.”

So every week would give a fresh start for everyone.

Lingq already has a system that shows you your stats anyways. I would just like to see a leader board for each individual language.

A option to see MONTHLY scores would be good as well allowing you to keep track with your work and at the same time see other people in your target language’s monthly activity.

A option to see a score for ALL TIME is where members would build up on a score and it would build over years. Hence, leaving a newcomer saying WOW. The option to see “All Time” isn’t as important but I think it would be motivating for someone to see it and say, hey I also want to work hard and one day achieve as much as that person.

Racing through content to rack up a score, I could see that happening as well but then again most people are not here to do that. They are working on really trying to understand the language and I don’t see anyone trying to turn all their UNKNOWN words to KNOWN for the sake of a high score on the leader board.

On the other hand…

I think it would give more motivation to want to do more if there was a Leader board in each language. Maybe it would feel more like a community with the language you are learning. :slight_smile:

That’s why the OP was primarily talking about weekly score activity, so activity over the last 7 days. This way it doesn’t really disadvantage newer members as you can actually see which members have been very active very recently. Perhaps the top 5 members in each language.


Even if there was added a leader board for each language that ONLY had a weekly score.
This would be nice.

We already have it. It goes by language and it ranks activities, lingqs, etc.

…and Silver Wisdom is right also.

I think its a nice idea. Maybe it could be implemented for 2 weeks to see if it really is great. If people don’t seem to like it then it can always be removed.

Well if we already have it then it doesn’t seem to be working as the score is zero for everything with a bunch of inactive accounts! Go and check it out yourself…

Plus SilverWisdom is right about what?

1.) If the free members want to be part of the leader-board system then they will obviously have to pay so they can have access to more than 20 lingQs. That’s pretty self-explanatory really. What’s the point of being here continuously if you don’t even have access to premium? If they are so concerned about learning their language, and becoming part of our community then they will obviously pay so they can have access to unlimited lingQs (for their own betterment) and join in with the action. So the disparity argument is very weak.

2.) The possibility of people “racing” through content is an extremely stupid point. Who would race through content just so that they can have more known words so that they can be at the forefront of the leader-board? That’s just stupid. Nobody who is paying for this site would jeopardise their own language learning development for the sake of a leaderboard LOL. If people do that, which is extremely unlikely, the only person they are really harming is their own learning and wasting their own money. Even still, people can do that right now (mark every word known) without the leader-board just so they can appear mightier to other people who can see their known word count. So go figure…

Sorry, I should have been clear. I meant that SilverWisdom was right in terms of how static leader boards can become so how they are set up should be a concern for whoever is making it. …To your other point, the Spanish one is working, but I don’t know if the French was is having issues and whether that could be why you are seeing all zeros…Further, I would probably amend what the board calculates in that the score should be based on how much listening, reading, etc you are doing, not just your lingqs and known words.

I also would like to see an all time leader board for each language as well as weekly. I am often curious where I am placed compared to others. I think it would be a nice little add on stat to motivate.


Love the idea. My vote goes for it.

It wouldn’t do anything for me. I don’t need challenges to motivate me to learn the language i’m learning. It’s not a race, although i do like gathering personal statistics. It’s one reason i played Perfect Dark on the N64 so much as a kid.

Did you beat all levels on Perfect Agent? I never beat Attack Ship and apparently my N64 has stopped working… I did however play the game way more after a friend of mine beat my during a multiplayer session. Granted I’m not in middle school anymore. But I do think it is motivating to see people who are working harder than you are.

I don’t need this. Learning a language is challenge enough. I do not like to turn every part of my life into a challenge. The real challenge is to use the language with real people and in natural environments. I enjoy my English conversations and visiting countries where my languages are spoken :slight_smile:


I never actually played the main game, i always just played multiplayer because i liked racking up stats like amount of headshots.

Memrise has(had?) this feature. It had scores for:
All Time
This Month
This Week

I found it really addicting and it made me fight for the top ten.

Achievements have something like this already but it would be cool to see language specific stuff as well.

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I would love to have a leader-board for each language covering lingqs, known words, learned lings and activity score for various time-frames. This would help people find others at a similar level as themselves which may help with sharing tips, resources etc.

In addition, I don’t mind having more long-term challenges as multiple short-term challenges tend to become boring rather quickly. The current 90-day challenges are completable in just a few days at 1-2 hours a day so they are hardly “challenging” (except for the listening part) - having people to compete against unofficially would help my own motivation for sure. It is true that you can compete against people in the 90-day challenges, but those competitions are rather unfair for those who are either (a) completely new at a language or (b) those who already got a large number of known words; someone at advanced 2 competing against someone at beginner 1 is hardly meaningful either.

No one would force you to pay attention to these leaderboards so it wouldnt have to affect those who “dont need it”. I think there is a clear need for more competitive forces on this website as it seems to me that most people stop using LingQ in a given language after acquiring 15-20k words (including myself).


I agree.