Should i start learning russian?

right now my comprehension of english,spanish,french is great and i also can listen to steve’s book in italian with good comprehension.and i want to learn russian. my question is should i start russian or should i focus on languages that i already have learned. russian culture and history is fascinating to me so i would love to learn russian. what do you think about it give me your opinion.

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Of course, it depends on you and only on you.
If you have a high motiviation, you can start. You can use my courses for beginners in Russian:

Русский с нуля-Russian from zero(87 lessons), Начнём-Let’s go(33), Мои первые диалоги-My first dialogues(28), Первые шаги-First steps(125), Базовые модели(53) etc.

But to learn is to learn. It means that you have to learn Russian every day to be successful.
Russian is quite difficult language and it’s impossible to learn it only 1-2 times a week.

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thank you for your opinion .i know i have to work on it everyday and i think i will go with russian. thank you sir.

yes i will.

Good luck! If you’ve got a good level of Spanish and French and not bad in Italian, you can go on reading a bit of Italian on the side while you learn Russian. Most of your time will have to be devoted to Russian, that’s for sure.

Sounds to me like you should start learning Russian. Even if you only get started and then lose motivation for a while because you are concentrating on other languages, the language, and especially the alphabet, will be much more familiar when you get back to it later.

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(…) “…i want to learn russian. my question is should i start russian…”(…)


I think if you’re thinking about that, if you find Russian culture and history fascinating - you certainly should! At least you can try. Even if we cannot devote much time to studying, the process of learning languages itself - especially languages belonging to different language families - broadens our horizons. As for myself, for instance the Chinese language has opened a whole new world for me :slight_smile:

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It certainly doesn’t hurt to try. It’s not like a decent coursebook (or LingQ) costs a fortune. I myself have tried many languages since I began studying Russian in March 2012, namely Hebrew, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. For a while I felt bad about it because I knew that learning a language is such a massive project and in order to achieve a useful result you have to dedicate some time for it every day. But in the end I found Serbian by doing this and discovered this interesting language, and these days I have found a model of studying that works for me so that I can actually learn both Russian and Serbian without spending too much time each day. It’s all a matter of experience I think. And I don’t study much Russian grammar these days anyway, which frees up time for Serbian grammar. Of course, don’t be too surprised if you find yourself having to put one or two of your projects on the shelf for a while. I had to do that with Biblical Hebrew. The others I have… well I suppose I have given them up. After all there is a limit to every person’s capacity. It’s just a question of discovering that limit.

You absolutly should start! Do it and not doubt! There are a lot of wonderful materials at LingQ!

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thank you for your answer. i have begin russian on lingq. i think i will stick to russian for 1 year so far i am in love with russian language.