Should I set a lower goal for Lingqs created when I know more words?

I have come to a point where I have to sit and read for just under 2 hours to reach 100 Lingqs created for every session. Should I lower my goal or am I just reading too slowly?

I would assume if I was learning English on Lingq, which is a language I know relatively well, I would have a hard time creating 100 Lingqs, without reading for at least several hours, unless it was a text filled with mostly difficult terminiology. But this does not necessarily mean that I am not studying the language adequately for my level. So maybe I should lower my German Lingq creating goal as well?


You’re doing 1000 known words per week, so I don’t think you really need any advice :slight_smile:
2 hours a day is a good time to be spent on the language, and at your level it should already be quite enjoyable, at least it is to me.
Anyway, I’d recommend you to import interesting native content. You’ll have new words in abundance.
I see you learn German and your level looks similar to mine - check the lessons that I imported, you might find many of them quite challenging, and also interesting, considering how much did Norway suffer in 1940.

Since many German words are similar to Norwegian, I might have an easier time aquiring words. At the moment I only read native content. I got tired of Harry Potter, so I am currently reading an interesting book about the Thirty Years War. For some reason modern warfare does not “appeal” as much to me, but I feel I should get into it sometime. Do you recommend anything if you have read about it? Doesn’t have to be specifically about Norway. I will check out your lessons :slight_smile: