Should I learn grammar yet?

Hi there.
I would like to ask, mostly those who have already learned a language the LingQ way, at which point you’ve started learning grammar?
I’m trying to learn Italian the LingQ way. I read a lot, I lingq every single blue word, I try to listen whenever I can.
When I read contents for beginners I am able to understand almost everything (checking out hints, of course). I understand what people are saying, who gave whom what, etc.
But there are many forms of words, different tenses and so on. I usually get hints like “take/have/go/pay” for every form of a given word.
My question is, should I keep going this way and let my brain learn different forms of words and with time learn to recognize some grammar patterns, forms of words, etc? Or maybe should I start learning some grammar?

I understand this could be a matter of one’s preference, but I would love to hear from people who have already learned a language the Lingq way.

Have a great day!

I was wondering the same thing myself few weeks ago but I kept only using lingq and things start to get a bit clear with time. When I have doubts about the hint, I look for the phrase translation - many words have multiples meanings so perhaps it is why you saw “take/have/go/pay”, you’d need to pick one meaning for this phrase. Sometimes is Google’s fault with the phrase, when I suspect that I just ignore that part and move on.

Steve has some videos about this and he said to wait to get at intermediate level before touching grammar. Moses McCormick said that he waits a while before doing that as well - also a good source to try to copy.

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Thank you, mate :slight_smile:

I’ve started to learn Italian from scratch 2 years ago (together with Polish almost at the same time).
The LingQ way does not require to exclude other sources. Grammer books can help a lot!
I used LingQ together with other available books, videos, etc. It was extremely useful especially at the beginning.

Powodzenia & auguro buona fortuna!

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I guess I should finally get a beginner book with some exercises for myself.

We don’t learn the grammar as a special subject, but we should have a look at the grammar rules if something we can’t undersrand how to do it.
By making lessons for I try to show some basic grammar constructions through a set of examples. Usually it helps for my students to start building the sentences more correctly.

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I did not use exercises but grammer explanations and I read the easy texts the books provide to grasp the grammer.
I find exercise not very effective at the beginning because it’s easy to remember your own mistakes :wink:

I use grammar books and guides as what they are intended for; study guides and references. I bought a book for grammar that explained the grammar rules and I just read it a couple of times but it didn’t make me smarter or make me know what I was reading. All it did was keep me out of the dark and made me acknowledge declensions and different noun cases exist.

I figured the best thing for me to do was to go through my LingQs, and pick up on the patterns and keep referencing my grammar pages.

If I saw, на работу, I looked up the cases of the nouns and found it was the accusative case. I even have these pages saved on my internet history so I can quickly go to them without much trouble.

This constant learn by example, then reference has really helped ME understand the grammar.

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