Shots fired in Canadian capital, Ottawa

Shots fired in Canadian capital, Ottawa.

One soldier, shot dead, one or more gunmen shot dead. Suspected to be 3 gunmen in total. Some media pronouncing it a terrorist act.
One pretty good source for English readers:

As a Canadian my condolences go out to the family of the soldier… a secondary feeling is that the government will now have a pretext to invade even more of our private lives.

Just heard about this. Absolutely horrible.

That’s very unfortunate.

It was all over our news this morning, too. Felt really sad for the young soldier and his family.

I’m a fellow Canadian with family in Ottawa and I feel the same. I love Ottawa and the Ottawa valley region. I would suspect that by now all governments are listening into every keystroke that you and I make, so it can’t get much worse than it already is :slight_smile:

What a tragedy. I just hope there is no more similar violence in the near future.

I have no problem with security services listening to what I say or reading what I write, if this makes it possible to prevent terrorist acts or crimes. I only have a problem with the concentration of power in the hands of a few, or the arrogance of those in power.
As long government understands that it works for the citizens, and not vice versa, I am prepared to allow them to snoop on me for the safety of a majority of citizens. The strength of a society is based on the diversity of interest groups, civic organizations, and a sense of solidarity amongst all citizens.

“diversity of interest groups, civic organizations, and a sense of solidarity amongst all citizens”

these are not obvious entities… when is “diversity” taken too far? who decides that? there could be a lot of grey areas where people without means will be victimised by others who do not feel arrogant at all

" the ideal is the enemy of the good" . I don’t look for utopian solutions. Neither society nor humans are perfect nor will they ever be. Perfect is the enemy of good - Wikipedia

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