Shortcuts in lessons don't always work

When doing a lesson and navigating between dictionary, blue screen on the right and the text with colored words, I use the keyboard as much as possible. Sometimes, the keyboard suddenly stops working (no response what so ever) and I have to resort to using the mouse for everything. The only option I have is quit the lesson and re-open it, after which the keyboard starts working again.

Is this reproducable for you?


Yes, definitely, it happens all the time, particularly when I looked something up at first, but then don’t create a LingQ after all.
Reloading the page also helps, but then you have to start the audio again.


Sorry to hear that. Which browser are you using?

I use firefox v 80.0.1 for fedora.

I noticed something else. Often I use the yellow surface around the descriptions fields to get rid of the popup after I do “d” to look at the dictionary (wiktionary usually). And this is when – sometimes – I can no longer get the left side to respond to the shortcuts. I hope this helps.

Firefox 80.0.1 for Windows 10.

This has been happening to me as well. I use Safari on macOS. The pattern I’ve noticed is that shortcuts often stop working after I bring up the translation text (in the blue box on the right side of the screen). At that moment, arrow keys, rating keys (1,2,3,4,x,k), and the b key (for next blue word) stop working. Perhaps others stop working as well, but those are the ones I use the most and hence am sure about. Space (to stop/start audio) continues to work. Clicking on various parts of the page, including on words, does not fix it. I have to reload the lesson to get the keyboard shortcuts working again.

I also want to note here that control-x to “Rewind audio x seconds” has never worked for me …

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In my experience, the android version has less bugs than the website version when it comes to lingqing.