Shortcut for 'play'?

I’m doing japanese, and its one of the languages that writing is difficult, so you constantly need to hear words so that they stick in your head better, because the kanjis dont help as far as phonetic is concerned. I end up using my mouse a lot to reach for the play button. Maybe the letter P could play the selected word?

What I’d like is to be able to only use ‘enter’, ‘right’, and ‘P’ shortcuts as I read the whole lesson, without using much my mouse.

While speaking about the most convenient way to work, note that one little distracting thing is that as I read a lesson for the first time, the next selected word is the next blue word, which for me does not seem right. I’d rather it to be the next yellow word. I can guess it’s a matter of preference, so maybe that could be configurable? The reason I dont like it is that since there so many yellow words remaining and few blue words, the page automatically scrolls down to find the next blue word, while I’d rather keep reading where I was at.

Anyways, great site! Been using it for 2 months now, since I started japanese, and its by far the best concept for language learning I’ve found.

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I just joined myself, also starting with Japanese. Indeed there is no way to learn Kanji phonetically, and I do the same thing you do. But even so, I have to say this is the most efficient system I’ve come across. Brilliant site. I want to learn Italian too and I know I could learn it faster than Japanese, but Japanese is the language I’m most passionate about so I’m willing to put Italian on hold for now. Hopefully I can pull off results like Mr. Kaufmann’s 90 day challenge series. I’ll be happy if I can get similar results in 180.

Oh dear I think I went off topic. Not promising for a first post. :slight_smile:

@eturgeon - We have some changes coming next week that should allow you to do what you would like to do. Be patient a little while longer!

@maikage - Glad you like the system! Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your Japanese!

Thanks Mark!