Shortcut for Ignoring a word on iPad Pro?

Hi guys,

If I type “X” for ignoring a word it doesn’t work on iPad Pro with the keyboard. I tried in any possible way.

Also, I’m unable to select more than one word for creating a LingQ. I can only select one word.


edit: I’m talking about using the app, not the browser.

I’m hoping the new app supports the iPad keyboard.

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Thanks for your feedback. I’ll check this with our iOS developers and let you know when I hear back.

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LingQ 5.0 version will have support for the keyboard. Just confirmed with our developers. :slight_smile:

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Great news Zoran, awesome! Any chance of getting in on the beta?

Awesome, thanks. I’ll be happy to try it when it’ll come out.

I guess so, but not sure. Probably not in first beta versions, but will be added as feature later.

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