Short story. (This is try)

I was going to town one morning when my mother requested me to buy her somethings for the household. The weather was very nice with sound birds. I rode my car to go to the hyper market. When I reached I saw my friend near the hyper market. He was had trip to U.S He was the best friend in the school. his name was Ali. Hey,Ali this is Salem(Said I). Hi Salem how is it going? (Ali ask). It’s really very well (said I). How was your tip up to U.S? (said I). It was over the top. I was hope you join with us. It was interesting and awesome trip (said Ali). I’ll try next time and this is on my list of things to do the next days(said I). How many days you stay on U.S? (I ask). Just two weeks(said Ali). I hope that did not rain on your parade (said I). No, it was had just a blast (said Ali). You know, I think you have adventurer story for this trip. We will complete tomorrow if you are available (said I). That’d be great and take care yourself, bye(said Ali).