Short stories in french

I think these simple and easy short stories are the most useful thing about LingQ. I repeat them over and over and shadowing after the speaker. This has got me talking and improved my confidence in speaking. I see thé the assimilé content is no longer available which is similar. Would LingQ consider doing some more of these stories? Thanks

More than the 60 we already have? That isn’t planned in the near future. If you’ve completed all the Mini Stories I suggest starting Intermediate 1 content, of which there is a lot in the French Library.

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I just think that the short stories are a great way to really learn the words you need to know in order to speak. It is suggested that only six thousand words are needed for fluent conversation. I don’t want complex language that’s a task to understand. I just want the words for conversation. The short stories have really helped because we meet up over zoom three times a week. I go over those 60 stories again and again perhaps over 50 times in fact and Steve says he did the same. I shadow a lot and this gives me confidence also because where I live absolutely no one knows French that’s for sure… Ta