Short Bio of Moses McCormick(Laoshu 50500)

Originally, I did not want to post anything today. However, a suggestion from musicserver77 gave me the idea. Thank you for that. I think a short bio is a good way to commemorate Laoshu’s unfortunate death. Even today, I still miss him. He is a great guy and a great polyglot.


“His activities of talking to people in their native languages was leveling up.”
What does that mean?

That was how he defined his activities of talking to native speakers. You can see his Youtuve videos. He used the term “leveling up”.

I had stopped watching most of his youtube’s by this point (simply just not enough hours in the day for me)…but I believe he’s making a play on the term used in video games, and maybe more specifically RPG’s where you “level up” your character. He was titling many of his videos at this time in this manner and that’s how I always took the reference.


ah, so you meant “He called his challenges to talk to random strangers in their native language ‘leveling up’.”