Shooting rampage

A headline of RT News: “…Shooting rampage…” it´s necessary write the two words in case of shooting? If in all shootings there is violence? it´s enough only the word Shooting?

Shooting rampage is used when there are several victims and may be more than just one location such as either multiple places or multiple incidents. Shooting is used only when there is one specific incident and the amount of victims is small or a single person. So the difference is in the degree of the violence.

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In the United States you’ll typically hear that someone went on a shooting rampage or a shooting spree whenever there’s another mass shooting or whenever the latest deadliest mass shooting since the last deadliest mass shooting occurs:

32nd St Camden NJ 5 sep 1949,
University of Texas 1 aug 1966,
Olean High School NY 30 dec 1974,
Grover Cleveland Elementary San Diego CA 29 jan 1979,
Bob Moore’s Machine Shop Miami FL 20 aug 1982,
Wilkes-Barre PA 25 sep 1982,
Wah Mee social club Seattle WA 18 feb 1983,
McDonald’s San Ysidro CA 18 jul 1984,
Edmond post office OK 20 aug 1986,
Cleveland Elementary Stockton CA 17 jan 1989,
Standard Gravure Louisville KY 14 sep 1989,
GMAC loan office Jacksonville FL 18 jun 1990,
Wat Promkunaram Buddhist temple Waddell AZ 10 aug 1991,
Luby’s Cafeteria Killeen TX 16 oct 1991,
Lindhurst High School CA 1 may 1992,
Pettit & Martin law offices San Francisco CA 1 jul 1993,
Frontier Middle School Moses Lake WA 2 feb 1996,
Pearl High School MS 1 oct 1997,
Heath High School West Paducah KY 1 dec 1997,
Thurston High School Springfield OR 21 may 1998,
Columbine High School CO 20 apr 1999,
Stockbridge/Atlanta GA 29 jul 1999,
Red Lake Indian Reservation and High School MN 21 mar 2005,
West Nickel Mines Amish School PA 2 oct 2006,
Virginia Tech 16 apr 2007,
Westroads Mall Omaha NE 5 dec 2007,
Geneva County AL 10 mar 2009,
Carthage nursing home NC 29 mar 2009,
ACA immigration center Binghamton NY 3 apr 2009,
Fort Hood TX 5 nov 2009,
Appomattox VA 19 jan 2010,
Hartford Distributors Manchester CT 3 aug 2010,
Salon Meritage Seal Beach CA 12 oct 2011,
Aurora movie theatre CO 20 jul 2012,
Sandy Hook Elementary Newton CT 14 dec 2012,
Washington Navy Yard DC 16 sep 2013,
Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Charleston SC 17 jun 2015,
Umpqua Community College Roseburg OR 1 oct 2015,
Inland Regional Center San Bernardino CA 2 dec 2015,
Pulse night club Orlando FL 12 jun 2016,
Townville Elementary SC 28 sep 2016,

Mandalay Bay casino and resort, Las Vegas NV, Sunday 1 oct 2017
an individual gunman fired more than 1100 rounds over a 10 minute period into a crowd of 22,000 people
909 victims: 58 dead, 851 injured

First Baptist Sutherland Springs TX 5 nov 2017,
Marshall County High School Benton KY 23 jan 2018,
Stoneman Douglas High School Parkland FL 14 feb 2018,
Santa Fe High School TX 18 may 2018,
Bakersfield CA 12 sep 2018,
Tree of Life synagogue Pittsburgh PA 27 oct 2018,
Borderline Bar and Grill Thousand Oaks CA 7 nov 2018

and the list goes on…

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Excellent, I wanna thanks for your explanations, it´s very clear.

Thanks for the explanation John6507; it´s pretty clear.

a rampage is violent action that goes on for an extended period of time, so a shooting rampage means that the shooting was not a quick shooting of just one or two people, but was a massacre of many people. it implies that the shooter was out to kill as many people as possible. if the headline just says “a shooting occurred”, most people would conclude only one person was shot and it was probably a targeted murder. a shooting rampage tells readers it was a mass murder.

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Thanks for your explanation; now I´ve understood perfectly.