Shift-Enter Hotkey

It would be nice if there was a hotkey to create a lingq, and then advance to the next yellow highlighted word, rather than to the next unknown word as is the case when pressing ‘enter’ on a blue word.

Creating LingQ’s using the ‘enter’ key can be unnecessarily distracting because when I create them it can cause the cursor to jump ahead sentences (depending on where next blue word is) and therefore scroll the page abruptly. If I also need to review some yellow words, I need to either scroll back with arrow keys (using shift-arrow initially) or use the mouse. This all requires attention that takes away from enjoying the content as well as slowing me down.

Does anyone have any tips to work around this issue?

I agree with you!

If you press Shift > Arrow you move from a blue new LingQ to a yellow saved LingQ, Shift > Arrow again toggles back. See if that works for you.

Yes the shift arrow key is a valuable tool for me, thanks for the comment (it was suggested to me in a previous forum post and has proved indispensable). My suggestion is that the functionality be extended to the enter key in the same way. Thanks for your thoughts!

@sgilpin - Good suggestion. We’ll see what we can do here.