Sharing the dictionary for Tradtional and Simplified Chinese

Currently the dictionary support for traditional Chinese is very weak, which makes reading harder texts more difficult because a lot of the idioms and saying are not recognised as it currently only uses Google translate.

Is it possible just to import over the current simplified dictionary to traditional? A lot of the already saved definitions are great and would help attract more users to using it.

I’ve used the Traditional Chinese section a lot on LingQ and it really got to the point where it was too much work. Unfortunately, not all simplified characters can just “be converted” into Traditional ones, It’s more complicated than that.

For example, 台湾 could be converted to 臺灣 or 台灣 (Taiwan). While at the same time, 台风 would convert (using the same character 台) to 颱風 (typhoon).

Although some complications exist, most of the conversions would be very easy, like 与 to 與, 高兴 to 高興, etc, because they only have a one-to-one conversion.

So, the staff may be able to find some sort of solution using your proposed method, but it may have some tricky things to get around.

There already exists an addon that converts simple to traditional that takes into account these complications called New Tong Wen Tang. I’ve been using it for around a year and you can add your own conversion rules if needed, but the maintained lists seem pretty accurate: