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Sorry if this questions has been answered, but when you share resources where are they posted? Also where can you find resources other people are sharing? For instance I just “shared” a book I have been reading in Chinese on Lingq in the “my imports” section, but I have no idea where that material was posted to.


A very good question! I’m using LingQ more than 2 years but I don’t know the answer, too.

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A lot of lessons and courses on LingQ are from other users sharing their content. If you’ve changed your lesson or course from Private to Public, it will appear in the list when you click the, “+ New Course”.

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Many years ago, you used to be able to search libraries by “recently added”. But this function has been broken for a long time.

Not having this function working properly has the following effects: 1) users can’t find new content in the library, 2) content providers don’t see any point in putting content up since it won’t be easily found.

This has been raised many times before.

Lingq’s focus is primarily on the “system” - the process of lingq’íng, rather than a focus on content. There is a business around creating and using premium content that lingq misses out on by not focussing here.

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Yeah that is a shame, any chance you could recommend some nice Chinese resources? I’m listening to the Australian pod casts you posted, I really like the one about the two people from Beijing traveling the world. Also I’m reading through Harry Potter at the moment at a pretty quick pace, so anything around that level would be great.

I have done this with my Harry Potter chapters, but it has not shown up under Chinese Adanced 2, I also think there would be more resources under the New Course tab if this was the case.

Another thing is when I go to the library tab under “learn” and change the filter to “shared” lessons there is nothing there, it’s a real shame the function doesn’t work better since the plethora of resources you could get from this site would literally make it the one-stop shop for language learning.

Hm, Harry Potter is copyrighted. You can study it privately, but you should not share these lessons.

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A few resources are listed here

Some of these links could be out of date however.

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great thanks!