Sharing Podcasts - Pending

I recently added 45 episodes of a podcast available on Apple and Spotify and created a course and tagged them and set them to share. They are all set as pending. This hasn’t happened when I’ve tried to share in the past. Is there a reason for the change? I often add things for my personal use and if they are something that can be shared I make the extra effort to title them correctly, set a grade, indicate the type of Spanish and set them to share. When I upload things that are purchased and copywrite I don’t bother to set anything because the item is only for me. How should I proceed in the future? I had an email conversation with someone at LingQ about six months ago where I was supposed to become a “librarian” and I’m not sure that ever happened but I said at the time that I’d be happy to share things regardless but now apparently I can’t.

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Your content will be shared as soon as it gets approved by content managers. That is how it works now.

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Good to know. Is that new?

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Yes, content needs approval now, it’s been like this for a couple of months.

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I’m confused… I asked a question the other day about importing Apple Podcasts for my own use and the reply was that it can’t be done… ?

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There are different ways to do it. If it’s not OK for LingQ then that’s different but I don’t think that’s the case, at least if the files are free to the public. If not free, I would think you can use them on LingQ for your private use like other copyright materials. Zoran would have to answer that question for you.

But, assuming it’s OK and I think it is then these are the ways I’ve figured out how to download Apple podcasts.

If you have a PC then you can drag podcasts right out of itunes onto your desktop or into a file folder. I don’t think that’s available on Macs anymore.

If you’re using an iphone then you can use an app called Overcast and download podcasts to the file folder system on your iphone or in my case I download them to my dropbox.

If you download podcasts on your Podcasts Mac app then you can use an app called Podcasts Export available in the App Store to move the podcasts to a folder on your Mac or in my case to dropbox.

I found these different methods either on this forum or searching around for answers on the web. I’d like to take credit for them but I’m only passing along information I researched. Good luck.