Sharing personal experience of importing books

Hello, I noticed that sometimes when I import books, the whole text is divided into “little paragraphs”. So far when that happened I just downloaded another edition of the book be it different publisher, year of publishment, so on. Today I just converted epub to pdf, and it helped, duh, the solution was this easy all along. Hope this helps someone.
Here’s how this looked:

I’m glad that I stumbled upon this solution.


That is good to know. I usually prefer uploading directly from .txt. The fact is that I don’t check every lesson straight away, and when I realised paragraphs have been cut that way, it is too late. :roll_eyes:

There has to be some encoding that it is not well digested from the system. Because sometimes this happens from a .txt when I don’t see any weird stuff on the text, but when I upload it to LingQ a few things are messed up. Go figure!

I copy and past one chapter at a time. That way the paragraphs stay intact and each chapter is a single lesson.

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