Sharing Lessons with Only Members Who Follow Us & Emailing Links

Question that occurred to me while reading another thread:

How de we email a link to members if we don’t know their email addresses?

You select a specific podcast and click on “share” and then you can choose “Public” (= everyone) or “Friends”. With “Friends” are meant your followers.


Thank you, Fasulye.

Please note that the “Friends” link doesn’t work reliably on LingQ and hasn’t for the past two months.

You can share a lesson with your friends but for some reason they cannot hear the audio and can only read the transcript.

Yet, when the same lesson is shared publicly, the audio can be heard.

I also don’t think it is possible to share a podcast with just one person, that is, a single friend.

@donhamiltontx - In fact, the “Friends” filter shares it with just people that you are following, otherwise it’s equally viewable by anyone as long as they choose to follow you. If you want people who are following you to see posts, I would recommend putting them as “Public”.

@Maria_1 - Are you getting an error when clicking on the Friends button at the top? Also, we haven’t yet heard of the issue with lesson audio not working for shared lessons. Could you share a lesson on my wall to give me an example of a lesson where this is happening?

I am not getting any error whatsoever as it happens, Alex.

Here are the titles of two such podcasts:

  • Meisterfälscher und Menschenretter
  • Das ist wirklich eine explosive Mischung

I’ve added you as a friend so you can see them too. You can scroll down my page and locate them and see if you can hear the audio, you can also see the comments from Rae who established that she couldn’t hear the audio. In fact, she mentioned this particular problem in the thread you started relating to troubleshooting following the update in September.

Ah, it appears that the audio file is not imported as well when the lesson is copied over. We’ll look into this.