Sharing lessons to all friends


When I like a lesson and have the option to share only with friends (by giving a rose) and tell all my friends - the link that they get by email fails if they don’t study the language of the the lesson being shared. I think the Oops page appears, but I’m not sure. Two friends have reported problems.

Ideally the system would send the information only to users who study the language of the shared lesson.

A second question: regarding self-created content shared by giving a rose - if I choose to set the content as ‘public’, is this actually public or does it mean that it is available to registered members only?


@keke_eo - The language of the lesson shouldn’t matter, since in the email they are linked to the post that you made. Did you by chance change the privacy setting to “Private” when sharing the lesson?

“Public” in this situation means that all registered users will be able to see it, but it isn’t published anywhere on the open web.

Yes, I got the Oops as well, from Keke, and wondered whether something went wrong. It is not the first time that I get the Oops. I got the Oops today, when IT gave me a rose. When I clicked on the link in the email, I got the Oops. I could only see it in my activities list that he gave me a rose for one of my lessons shared yesterday.


I’ve asked one of my friends to send me the error message. I’m not sure what I did at the time - it is the first time I have clicked the notify friends setting.

I can’t tell if the post is private. Perhaps I made it private?

@silviad - I just clicked the “+Rose” button on your post. Let me know if the email sends out properly or not.

@keke_eo - Can you try sharing another lesson with it set to “Public” and add me in so I get a notification?

My friend said the error message said “Unavailable”. Silvia perhaps you can help me test if I share another lesson with you?


I shared just a lesson with you (one of your own), publicly, Keke, so you can see what email you receive.

I did not receive any email notification from Alex yet, but I am going to retire now, so I’ll let you know tomorrow.


@alex OK, I’ve shared a lesson publicly and put your name in the box. However the other lesson I was trying to share only to friends so it wouldn’t be visible to others on my wall.

@Silvia Thanks, I got your notification mail and the link worked fine.


@keke_eo - As per my comment on the lesson you shared, the one that was public worked fine and the one that was set to private showed the “Oops” page stating the following:
“The post you requested cannot be displayed. The post may have been deleted, or you may not have permission to view this post.”

oh, is it not possible to share with just one or two people? I assumed private meant that it was shared but no-one else would see except the invited users.

@keke_eo - I’ve shared some lessons with you, so please confirm if it works as I predicted.

OK, I’ve responded by email. Both behaved as you predicted.

Well, just to let you know Alex:
@silviad - I just clicked the “+Rose” button on your post. Let me know if the email sends out properly or not.”
No, I did not get any email notification about that. (But I would not think this is very important, but just to let you know because you asked).

@keke_eo - OK, thanks. So in the current setup, you will need to share the lesson on your wall first before sharing it with your friends privately.

@silviad - In the past you have had some issues receiving emails from the site, right? Do you receive other emails such as wall posts or LingQs of the Day?