Sharing lessons or giving roses

I wonder how this works, and how it should work, and what your purpose was.

If I select “German” and “lessons” on the Exchange I see a lot of messages “xyz shared this lesson”. But they gave no rose.

Only a few of the shared lessons have this comment: “xyz gave this lesson a rose!”.

On the lesson page I see a single rose on the top of the page, and I see a rose with a share button on the bottom of the page. But how can I share a lesson without giving a rose?

I’ve shared several lessons and I don’t know how to give a rose :slight_smile: I just import the lessons and there is an option to share. After filling out the info, I submitted to share.

I thought when you share automatically a rose is given. I really don’t see how to share without giving a rose. Am I blind?

I think there is a misunderstanding, as sharing refers to two different actions:

  1. make a lesson available in the Library, for everybody to use it;
  2. advertise a lesson to make people aware about it (this is done by giving a rose).

Only lessons without copyright (or with explicit permission) can be shared according to the 1st meaning of “share”. When you share lessons that way, no roses are given.

I speak about published lessons from the library that you open on your workdesk that you want to give a rose to show that you liked it.

Michele, I think you are right. gesnipes is speaking from sharing lessons that are not published in the library.

I think it would be better if LingQ would be more accurate and use different terms for that for example a) Publishing a lesson and b) Sharing a lesson. That would also help tremendously to find the proper expression when you translate the surface.

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I totally agree, Vera! We would need two different terms to avoid any possible ambiguity.

I think you have figured all of this out but just to be clear, when you see a post on the Exchange which says a lesson has been shared that means it has just been added to the library by its owner. Yes, we can look at the wording on this to see if it can be clearer. When you use the share button from the lesson page, this causes that lesson to be promoted on the Exchange page and gives it a rose. You are sharing a lesson that has already been added to the Library.

what is the meaning of roses?

@Edson_jphd, you can give a rose to a lesson or comment etc…as a way of showing you like it.

Sanne also sums it up very well here - I'M New And I Don't Understand The Routine Involved Of Go...

OK, I got it. Thank you

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