Sharing copyrighted material on LingQ

This might be a bigger can of worms than I intend to open, but how do people feel about this? I’ve noticed that a lot of the lessons and courses shared by other users (not LingQ staff) is copyrighted in some way or another. On the one hand, I think this is a great way to see what other people are reading and to find new and interesting content. On the other hand, I feel kind of guilty about clicking on some of these things and have also refrained from sharing cool things on the internet I have found that I think would be helpful to other people. Does anyone else feel this way too? Is anyone not concerned about it at all? I’m curious to know what other people think.


Pity that this never had an answer…

If you have a source of the material, publish it. So you only give some information to the LingQ community, that you find on the web.
When you share one lesson, be sure to mark “I don’t want a preview of this lesson to be shown outside the login.”

Of course I cannot provide an official answer, only LingQ staff could do that and they tend to avoid the topic. But in my opinion some users have mistaken LingQ for a file sharing platform. I can only suggest you use the report button when you find something that you believe is a copyright violation. Please note, that not everything that is under copyright is automatically problematic, LingQ has agreements with various creators to share their content. Some content might also be under a Creative Commons license, although this should really be indicated in the course description.

As Lawrencen said, if you have good resources, it might be a better idea to create a list and share that on the forums. This way interested users can import it themselves.


Please explain, why would I want to do that? I have never done that.

When you share a lesson, at the end of the lesson will apear a botton to mark this “I don’t want a preview of this lesson to be shown outside the login.” So, only the community LingQ will see the material.

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So are all those articles form the Guardian or the Huffington post shared because LingQ has special agreements with them?

Are you referring to the “News Feed” on the library home page? Those articles have not been shared, those are external to LingQ, you can import them by clicking on them. The content is not on LingQ’s servers, these are just links essentially.


Oh, I see. Now I begin to understand. But what about lessons taken form the occasional youtube channel, and then shared???
Like these for example:

And what about News Feed? Are they automatically renewed, or can anyone add a link from a news site he likes?

I hope the channel owner / copyright holder has given the LingQ user who shared this permission. Normally the policy is to share YouTube content via external lessons, similar to the news feed, that sidesteps copyright issues. But I believe this functionality is only available to LingQ librarians (Login - LingQ). I couldn’t find an example in the Romanian library, but here is an example in English: Login - LingQ

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This is why I have asked repeatedly for ways in the Library to organize or link to external content and storefronts that do not work with the extension. Unfortunately, at least in the US, copyright lasts so long that nearly anything in the public domain is not actually useful content for learning die Umgangssprache, or modern language how it is actually spoken and written.


The problem is it’s pretty tedious to do with big courses, so just haven’t done it.

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I, too, would like a way to share a link to the audio and a link to the text (hosted on other websites) and then allow one button to import it privately. It’s just an externally shared version of the Import eBook feature with the link to the mp3 and a link to the PDF/ePub/webpage. This way everyone is just importing it privately and the only thing shared on the LingQ servers are the two links.

Sure, it is more useful to be the “button” on the top of the lesson.

Or a way to set all lessons in the course as such

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Hi maxrol,

As bamboozled said, YT lessons should be external except when the sharer has permission from the owner.

The News Feed is managed by us, we add RSS feeds to the shelf.


We can look into adding this to the Edit Course page. I’ll bring it up.

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