Sharing content from Gutenberg, Librivox, etc

Can we share content from Project Gutenberg or Librivox or other free e-book and audio-book sites and if so, how do we credit the provider?

Yes, we can share them. When you click on “Share” in the lesson import template, you should select “Librivox” as provider. That’s what I was told to do when I started sharing books.

Okay, cool! What about Project Gutenberg or Google books, can we just add a provider if it isn’t already listed?

I think we also have to mention the address, the author and the name of the reader.
But if you do that, it is allowed to redistribute the content.

Project Gutenberg doesn’t offer audios to the texts. So if you’d like to share something from this website, you have to read it yourself. But you can always copy the texts into your private library.

Google Books are likely a different story, since each book holds its own copyright, but we have permission to load up anything from Project Gutenberg, Librivox and Wikipedia as well. Librivox audio files all contain mention of their site and project anyways, so don’t worry too much about the proper way to credit them.
In most cases, you can just add a Content Provider with a link to the website and an optional description of the site.