Sharing and

Hi! In the help page for sharing it says

“All Shared content will appear in the Library right away and will also be displayed in the Library at unless you choose to not display it there.”

How does relate to and where exactly would any content end up? I can’t see any library there.

If this is no longer a relevant setting, please remove it from the help and import screens. Sharing is complicated enough without adding more confusion.

Thanks, keke! That is no longer available on We will remove that information from the help.

You can find all content with google on even writings from members that were never published.


Under the content is written:
“All content on TheLinguist is licensed under a Creative Commons License if no Copyright or other License is mentioned anywhere in the content or content description.”

I think this is definetely not obvious for LingQ members, especially because writings are not publicly shared. I would expect that private writings are in general not visible, especially not with Google.

Good find Vera. Those shouldn’t be visible. We are going to remove this content from showing. This is a remnant from a long time ago. We need to spend some time to make it all make more sense. We will probably end up showing all LingQ content outside the login but having it only partially visible unless logged in. That way we can still benefit from the search engine visibility.