Shared Lesson... Missing. Presumed Having a Good Time

So… someone shared a course with me. And it’s no where to be found.

Library → Searching by “Shared” yields nothing
The users wall… no link to the lesson
My wall - no link to the lesson.

Does sharing actually work?

with a direct link I can get to the lesson, but other than that, it’s no where to be found in LingQ

Yes. This seems like a real mess. I had also a course shared with me today by spatterson. The course should have been an entire book with each lesson representing a chapter. I got an email to tell me that the course had been shared with me, but when I followed the link, I had no access to the course at all. Now I can access it, but only because spatterson sent me directly a link to one of the lessons in the course and I am able to get access to the other lessons in the course because I have the little editor pencil. When I click on the little editor pencil, I can see and access the other lessons from the editor page. However, when I open the course itself from the lesson page, I can only see the one lesson that spatterson linked to.

Also, now when I go to the course page… it has 3 lessons (there should be more…) and it shows

Date Created: 3 Jun 2013
Shared by: ColinJohnstone
Provider: None
New Words: 0
Lessons: 0

CLearly the lessons and new word count is wrong

Which 3 lessons do you have? The course should have 20.

Einführung, 1, and 2

Why those three? Are they the ones you opened?

You sent me the direct link to “Einführung” and then Jolanda sent me the link to 1 & 2.

As far as I know, no course can be shared among friends, only individual lessons.

Well that seems like a design flaw

@spatterson - Thanks for your feedback on this. Sharing of private courses may be something that is of interest. We’ll see what we can do here!

@ Alex

This seems to have been fixed in the update. I can see the entire course that spatterson shared with me now.

And I can see the course Colin has shared with me.