Share your writing on LingQCentral

Are you interested in being a guest contributor on the LingQCentral blogs? Do you want to share your writing with other members and site visitors? Now you can using our new “Share on LingQCentral” option when you submit your writing for correction. This will post your writing on the LingQCentral blog for your target language. Don’t worry it will only be posted after it has been corrected!
We think this will be a great way for you to show your growing ability in your new language and it will help visitors to get to know the LingQ Community better. Don’t be shy! Show us your stuff!

To share your writing simply tick the box in the popup that appears after you submit writing, then click the Share button. Enjoy!

This is a great idea! Will there be some indication that the writing is from a student? Can we write about anything (not profane, of course)? For example, in my last writing I talked about the tattoos I have (ahem!). Can we share writing we’ve already submitted (it doesn’t seem as if that is possible)?

Also, are there blogs for the beta languages?

All writings from members will have the tag “Member Writing” attached to them. You can write about whatever you like :slight_smile: Writings that have already been submitted will not be available to be shared, but all future writings will have this option. There will not be blogs for beta languages, so this essentially only applies to supported languages.

“There will not be blogs for beta languages, so this essentially only applies to supported languages.”


I was looking forward to having my Polish texts published on LingQCentral…

@aybee77 - You won’t be able to submit old writings through the system, but if you are so inclined, you can email us some of your old writings and we’d be glad to post them on the Spanish blog. :slight_smile:

@mikebond - After talking about it, we’ve decided to add a new blog for languages without a separate blog, meaning all of the remaining languages (Korean and Swedish included) will be posted to one multilingual blog. We will add the blog soon, so be sure to submit your writings once it’s all set up!

@mikebond - We just set up a LingQCentral Beta blog I just manually posted your recent writing submission. New submissions should post automatically within the next few days. All writing for languages not covered by our other blogs will be posted here.

@aybee - Send us any Spanish posts and we can post those for you manually as well.

Thanks. I just sent two writings to support.

Okay, I couldn’t help it. I just sent one more.

Excellent! We will post these up today :slight_smile:

Great news, Mark and Alex! :slight_smile: