Share toolbar

How do I get the share toolbar on the left side of the screen on the forums to disappear? Every time I click the arrow to close it, the toolbar immediately appears again once I start scrolling. It’s a little irksome because the toolbar partially obscures the text I’m trying to read.

I have the same problem. Develop team, do something about it!

Computer display 1366 X 768 on 14 inches - zoom 150% and it does not show up any more. It comes back when dezooming to 125 %

Hi everyone, it’s strange that you can still see that toolbar, we used it in the past but we are not using it anymore. Can you please try to clear the cache and check if that will remove it? Thanks!

EDIT: Actually after further investigation looks like it does show up for some users. We will take a look at this and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more informations. In the meantime if you change zoom percentage that should solve your problem. Thanks for your patience!

I have never ever seen it. I use Safari on a Mac.

Might be a browser thing, I use a mac too, and I see on chrome but not safari.

Just fyi: It’s been six months and the issue still hasn’t been resolved.